Our Tour Guide

  1. The scriptures we will be looking at are found in Hebrews 12:22-24. These three verses are absolutely incredible. They tell us what heaven is like.

  1. By the Spirit of God, the author of the book of Hebrews takes us on a guided tour of the holy city of God – the heavenly Jerusalem. He describes those who we would meet if we could see for ourselves.

  1. Remember, this is God’s reality – invisible, but very, very real.

  1. As I read these verses, I need your help. The verses 22 to 24 are one sentence. It begins with the expression, “You have come…” And then the word “to” which appears eight times in this sentence is connected the expression, “You have come…” Before I read the word “to” I want all of us together to say, “You have come…”

Let’s practice that. Now look at your neighbor and say, “You have come to church”. When you say that, does this mean you are now at home, or at work or at school or at church? Which is it? In these verses our tour guide tells us where we are in heaven. He will say, “You have come…”

Now let’s start with our first “You have come…” All together now. Verse 22. We have come to Mt Zion. Wow! There is a mountain in heaven. God created a mountain in heaven to someday to come down with the holy city on a new earth – a heavenly mountain.

Our tour guide compares this mountain with the one described in verse 18. Let’s read it. What mountain is this? Mt. Sinai.