City of God


Notice Heb 11:8-10, 13-16. God has prepared for us a magnificent city.

It’s out of this world.

  1. It’s out of this world.

  2. It’s heavenly.

  3. It’s a city- design and built by God Himself.

  4. Think about it – God did this all for us.

  5. He built this city in heaven but someday in the future this city will descend down from heaven to a new earth.

  6. What does this say about the heart of God? God is love. He loves us so deeply. He desires and plans to live with us forever in a glorious city.

we will take a biblical tour of this invisible city of God and we will see who lives there. Who lives there with God?


  1. Our heavenly hometown is called the New Jerusalem.

  2. The heavenly Mt. Zion – a city on a mountain (it is the greatest mountain top experience ever). –Our 3-day youth camp in Georgia is called Mountaintop.

  3. This city is called the mother of us all and the bride of Christ.

  4. But here is the shocker – believe or not – you and I are already there but not yet.

  5. Did you hear me? We are already there but not yet.

  6. Listen! While we are here, we are also up there.

This may sound crazy and delusional but it’s true. It is a paradox. There are several “already, but not yet” truths in the Bible.


  1. For example, we are already declared righteous even while we are still sinners.

  2. We have already received eternal life even while we can physically die.


I believe the “already” is God’s reality but the “not yet” is our reality. How can it be? How can both be true? It’s a paradox.

  1. The Bible tells us that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are not our ways.

  2. The Bible tells us that God calls those things that are not as if they already exist.

  3. In God’s reality, we are already there. But our five senses cannot discern where we are in His reality.

  4. We must accept God’s reality by faith and not by sight.

Let’s look at 1 Cor.2: 9-10. We can’t see it or hear it or discern what God has prepared for us. It is the “already but not yet” city of God. It is invisible but very real. God has revealed His reality to us by His Spirit.